120 Days at Gumi: Innovation, Growth, and Vibes.

Hi! this is me, Dami!

At the beginning of 2021, one of my desires was to work with startups that could deepen my roots in this marketing and communication thing…and until that LinkedIn message popped in my inbox, I did not know 2021 had a better idea.

My first call with the recruiter of Gumi and Company was almost like a random conversation. Here we were talking about the genre of music I liked and the books that interested me (of course, we spoke about other interesting work-related stuff). A few days later, I got a message that I was resuming as the Digital and Communication Associate.

You want to hear the truth (that’s the essence of this article anyway), I did not want to take the job. I felt like, “what’s my business with innovation and the future of the world.” I also began to question my abilities. But, after some thinking, I said, “let’s see what this is about. I’m ready to learn.”

The people and its culture:

When I think about everyone that makes up the team, I see unique minds — witty, gritty, idealist, and overachievers, with a central focus to help startups and businesses choose innovation. Everyone is interested in the other’s growth. There is just a unique sense of community with a fascinating culture that helps us meet the needs of our clients.

The Innovation experience:

Working at Gumi, even though remotely, learning was interesting. I had a lot of help amid my hiccups. With each day, I began to see how much the world and businesses will benefit from innovation and digital transformation in their operations. I began to question some traditional business models (I was still discussing one a few days ago with a friend). When I told myself I was willing to learn, I did not know how interesting and challenging it would be.

Gumi is big on learning and development. There is always one learning opportunity to develop your skills across several areas of your expertise and more (I even started building an interest in product management after joining one of our projects).

Our awesome selves at one of our team’s all-hands meetings.

Absolutely the best place to work:

It is growing a workplace where every team member can be the best at what they do. We are not just working but also building relationships and creating lasting memories that will last a lifetime. Although we work remotely, we find creative ways to bond with each other, from our monthly all-hands meeting to random physical meetings that help us birth innovative solutions. Every moment at Gumi is a memory lane none of us want to part with. In the last 120 days, I have had many opportunities to work on several exciting projects and learned several critical things about B2B communications ….much more, I have realized that there is still an ocean-filled knowledge I need to dive into as I know more things.

Gumi is creating a global standard and an initiative that will become a reference point for other local Africa/Nigeria firms.

There you have it, my 120 days with many growth, innovation, and vibes!




Business Design | Innovation | People

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Gumi & Company

Gumi & Company

Business Design | Innovation | People

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