• Oluwatosin Aladese

    Oluwatosin Aladese

  • Tommy Oladeji

    Tommy Oladeji

    Lawyer | Lover of all things art, with fiction leading the pack of my interests in art.

  • Toluwalase Muse

    Toluwalase Muse

    French Language speaker| Fiction writer| Language lover| Learning is a passion|Teaching is exciting🤓😁

  • Ruona Oghuvbu

    Ruona Oghuvbu

    Experienced real estate professional across the entire real estate value chain with a focus on affordable housing development, finance, investment and sales.

  • The Dammy Rachael

    The Dammy Rachael

    Content | Brand | Marketing… Passionate about growing creatives and brands with valuable content and brand strategies.

  • Omosuwa Kanmi

    Omosuwa Kanmi

  • Gift Azinsu

    Gift Azinsu


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