Who is an Innovation Champion?

Illustration 1: Innovation champions spot, drive and encourage innovative ideas into reality

The importance of Innovation Champions

  1. The presence of an innovative champion within an organisation helps to drive and support an innovative culture by creating a structure to nurture and develop innovative ideas. Turning potentials into reality by spurring and encouraging new perspectives and ideas.
  2. They challenge the status quo and dissolve resistance to change by highlighting the positives of innovation over current procedures, products, ideas, etc. This buys in team members and management who were originally not onboard promoting a smooth and successful innovation.
Illustration 2: Innovation Champions onboard senior management and team members on innovative ideas/projects

How to Identify Innovation Champions

  1. Innovation champions possess confidence and enthusiasm for the innovation through obtaining the support and participation of key stakeholders; even persevering in the face of challenges.
  2. They scout extensively for fresh ideas and chances to explore, relying on their own networks both within and beyond the firm.
  3. They garner support for the innovation project by insightfully analyzing the interests of key stakeholders and customizing their selling strategies to be as persuasive as possible.
  4. They also focus on a win-win outcome by connecting the innovation to positive organizational outcomes such as profitability, enhanced reputation, or strategic advantage.

Supporting Innovation Champions

Illustration 3: Organizational policies should spur innovation





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